Month: September 2018

How to Get Wrinkles out in a Football Jersey with a Garment Steamer

A Garment Steamer is a handheld portable device that is of much use when it comes to getting wrinkles from your football jersey if you can pick one you need to visit and select from the multiple models available. In this article, I will write about how you can get out wrinkles from your football jersey using a garment steamer.
I will start by explaining how the garment steamer works, water is put into the garment steamer tank, and it is heated until it becomes steam, the steam is then directed towards the nozzle as pressure hitting the garment instantly relaxing the fiber.

Step 1 Preparation
put cold water into the garment steamer tank and ensure that you have connected the appliance to a power source, turn the power button on and allow the garment steamer to heat until steam is also advisable to check and ensure that the steamer is working efficiently before putting it into use.

step 2 Prepare the jersey
Some jerseys are known to have buttons at the neck, so you have to open them up, put the jersey in a hanger and ensure that it is placed correctly in such a way that you can reach all the points, an ideal place for you to do this is probably in the shower using the shower rod. It is also easier to steam the garment while it is hanging.

step 3 Steaming the jersey
This is the most critical step in our wrinkle removal process; it is also good to know the type of fabric that your jersey is made of, as fabrics react differently when steamed. Heavier jerseys may require several steaming sessions before the wrinkles disappear. steam the jersey in a downward motion following the fabrics don’t press the steamer on the jersey as the steam will gently remove the wrinkles on its own as you slide down your garment press the steam button regularly to ensure each fabric is steamed. When steaming heavy football jerseys which might be extremely wrinkled it is advisable to steam from the inside or from the underneath the jersey the weight of the fabric against the steam will make your work easier alternatively you can steam from the inside first and then proceed to the outside this is known to remove the wrinkles in a shorter period.
Most football jerseys are known to be lightweight mostly made of polyester therefore to prevent damage to the fabrics it is advisable to maintain a two to three-inch distance while steaming the jersey, but if the jersey is hugely wrinkled, you can turn it inside out to prevent damage to the fabric. Remember to keep checking the water levels to ensure that there is no danger of the water running low such an instance would cause damage to the garment steamer

Step 4 Let the Jersey dry.
It is normal that the jersey will feel damp after a fresh steaming and might have some small water spots, it is, therefore, right to let your jersey dry before putting it on or even placing it in the closet.

Football players need to try playing Ping Pong too

Football and ping pong are both popular sports having a massive fan following all over the world. Many people play Ping Pong which is also known as Table Tennis as it has to offer so many things.

Now let’s make a comparison of the two sports regarding ball, speed and reaction time. According to the findings by ProTable Tennis(, an average tennis table shot travels at the rate of 25 miles per hour. Harder shots can travel at the higher speed of 60 miles per hour. The ball can cross the table in about 0.25 seconds or even less dependent on the speed of the ball. Also if you take a few steps back from the table allowing you get enough reaction time, the ball is still quite fast. To put things into better perspective, a football traveling at the speed of 90 miles per hours takes about 0.4 seconds to reach the home goal. Agreed that a tennis ball can’t move that fast but it sure much shorter distance as compared to football. And shorter distances give less time to react to the ball coming towards you.

Statistically speaking, the average reaction time of a human being to any visual stimulus is about 0.3 seconds. Different individuals have different reaction time. Some may have even faster reaction time whereas some may have slowed. Intense practice of table tennis gives an overview of how much time does a person take to see something or receive a visual stimulus, make a decision corresponding to the stimulus and act on that decision or respond to the stimulus.

Leading researchers and scientists, thus have theorized that table tennis or ping pong players have excellent reaction time and they respond to visual stimuli in a much better manner than any other athletes do.

An average tennis ball is 40mm in diameter. To make persistent contact and to strike the ball each time it comes towards you, you need to keep your eyes glued to it until it hits your racket. This is a challenging task as it requires to synchronize the location of the tennis racket to the trajectory of the ball, developing perfect hand-mind-eye coordination. This also increases your ability to anticipate the path of the ball coming towards you and improves your cognitive powers. You will be able to foresee the direction of the ball coming through from the position of your opponent standing in front of you, the way he or she swings his or her bat, the force they use and the angle they make. This helps you a lot in keeping consistent contact with the ball and maintain a flawless game. Based on these observations of the ball coming from your opponent you will be able to analyze and select your shot and the way you are going to swing your hand, and with the amount of force, you should hit the ball.

The same mechanisms and ideas and techniques can be very well applied in the game of football. If footballers can anticipate the speed and direction of the ball coming through, beforehand, they will have the upper hand while striking the ball with their feet. They will be able to predict their opponents game plan and strategy up to an extent and play accordingly.

Types of Massages and How It Can Help Football Players

Massage is acupressure of muscles and joints of the body through the use of hands and other methods to alleviate muscle tensions and pains in the body. It is very important for any individual to have some good massage. Research has found out that massage quickens muscle cramps recovery, reduces inflammation and pains, improves sleep and the general wellbeing. It also has the capacity to boost the immune system. Massage is particularly more important and beneficial to helping football players to improve their performance. The following are different types of massages and how they can help football players.

Swedish Massage
A Swedish massage is a multipurpose form of massage that was developed in Sweden. It involves the use of the forearms or hands, or the elbows to work on the outer layers of the muscles. This improves both physical and mental health. However, passive or active movement of the joints could be a part of Swedish massage. This type of massage helps football players in many ways. It can help in alleviating muscle pains especially when it is taken before a major competition and it does improve blood flow. It as well as helps to reduce muscle tension and damages. Thus, it is good to have a Swedish massage just before your next major competition.

Foot Massage
Foot massage is a type of massage that involves the application of pressure to specific regions and points of the feet in order to impact various parts of the body. That is, foot massage affects every part of the body. This type of massage helps lots of footballers to have adequate blood circulation around the feet region, especially while standing. Most times, after a session of exercise or training, foot massage is recommended. It prevents foot and ankle injuries. Foot massage relaxes the mind and helps in reducing anxiety and depression. It also lowers blood pressure and further helps the player who constantly experiences foot pain after a session of training or exercises. This type of massage is really suited for footballers than other massages since they use their feet while playing.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy massage is a type of massage that involves the use massage oils that contain highly concentrated plant oils. When it is rubbed on the body, the body absorbs it through the skin. In the process, you would also inhale the oil. This type of massage can improve the optimal performance of a footballer in different ways. One of such ways is that it speeds up the quick recovery of wounds and injuries, and reduces the severity of pains and discomforts in the body. Aromatherapy massage also helps the athlete in reducing anxiety, eliminate headaches and boosts energy levels. It as well helps the player to have some good sleep.

Active Release Technique Massage
This is a type of massage that involves massage therapists. The therapists use their hands to examine the movement, tightness, and texture of the tissues of the body. After then, they proceed to break up the muscle sticking together with the hands to improve movement of the muscles. Active release technique massage is most suitable for specific injuries. Some of such specific injuries are those with mutilated fleshy tissue which hinder the healing process of the wounds. For the footballer, this type of massage is important in treating plantar fasciitis, shin straps, and cramp injuries.

Important Things That Football League Organizers Should Always Keep In Mind

Important Things That Football League Organizers Should Always Keep In Mind. With football quickly taking roots into the different generation, organizing any football league at any level will automatically attract the audience. Proper planning should, therefore, be put in place to ensure the football lovers get quality and enjoy every moment during the tournament. Whether you are considering the planning as an individual or an organization, it’s important to picture the whole process as a project and allocate the necessary sources. When such consideration aren’t put in place the whole league is likely to record failures which can be a source of disappointment to the charged football lovers.

Some of the consideration that you should put in place to ensure that the process records a higher level of success includes:

1. Understand the scope of operation. As an effective league organizer, you must first understand the scope that the league will cover and the groups that will actively be involved. With the ability of the league set to cover from as small as a city center to the whole country or even continent and the world at large, you must narrow down to your point of interest.

2. Select the participating teams. The teams that will be directly participating in the league form the pillar of the success and must be selected with a lot of considerations. A league that cuts across many different groups must, therefore, be very inclusive to avoid cases where a given group is isolated for such may cause more difference during the league. You must, therefore, present a clear list of the participating teams and let the fixture go public early enough as a way to motivate the football lovers and the team supporters.

3. Advance site selection and readiness. The playing grounds to host the league must be ready in advance before the real day to ensure no inconvenience is caused to the participating teams. Inspection from the league organizers must be done at the right time to help approve the standards before the teams are allowed to play on the fields.

4. Get competent match officials. If you already understand how hard sometimes football can be hard to officiate, you will invest more in getting neutral officiating personnel to ensure no more heat develops during the matches. Let the teams operate on a neutral ground without any influence from the organizing team and allow the best team to win always.

5. Put in place emergency handling options including accidents. Being a football league, any form of injury is likely to arise and you should, therefore, put in place factors that will help handle this Resources like an emergency ambulance, first aid kit, and qualified doctors just in case of an emergency will also be needed to help handle such cases while the league is on

6. Reliable power alternative like a generator. Just to ensure the plan runs smoothly in case of a blackout or when the event runs late in the night, generator backup is very important. The generator can be used as the main power source and to power all the devices during the matches or just as a backup of the main power supply. Flashlights that will be used to access other facilities should the league event run late in the night are also important to consider.

You, therefore, can choose the timelines when such arrangements must be done to ensure you get it right during the league organizing process.