Types of Massages and How It Can Help Football Players

Massage is acupressure of muscles and joints of the body through the use of hands and other methods to alleviate muscle tensions and pains in the body. It is very important for any individual to have some good massage. Research has found out that massage quickens muscle cramps recovery, reduces inflammation and pains, improves sleep and the general wellbeing. It also has the capacity to boost the immune system. Massage is particularly more important and beneficial to helping football players to improve their performance. The following are different types of massages and how they can help football players.

Swedish Massage
A Swedish massage is a multipurpose form of massage that was developed in Sweden. It involves the use of the forearms or hands, or the elbows to work on the outer layers of the muscles. This improves both physical and mental health. However, passive or active movement of the joints could be a part of Swedish massage. This type of massage helps football players in many ways. It can help in alleviating muscle pains especially when it is taken before a major competition and it does improve blood flow. It as well as helps to reduce muscle tension and damages. Thus, it is good to have a Swedish massage just before your next major competition.

Foot Massage
Foot massage is a type of massage that involves the application of pressure to specific regions and points of the feet in order to impact various parts of the body. That is, foot massage affects every part of the body. This type of massage helps lots of footballers to have adequate blood circulation around the feet region, especially while standing. Most times, after a session of exercise or training, foot massage is recommended. It prevents foot and ankle injuries. Foot massage relaxes the mind and helps in reducing anxiety and depression. It also lowers blood pressure and further helps the player who constantly experiences foot pain after a session of training or exercises. This type of massage is really suited for footballers than other massages since they use their feet while playing.

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy massage is a type of massage that involves the use massage oils that contain highly concentrated plant oils. When it is rubbed on the body, the body absorbs it through the skin. In the process, you would also inhale the oil. This type of massage can improve the optimal performance of a footballer in different ways. One of such ways is that it speeds up the quick recovery of wounds and injuries, and reduces the severity of pains and discomforts in the body. Aromatherapy massage also helps the athlete in reducing anxiety, eliminate headaches and boosts energy levels. It as well helps the player to have some good sleep.

Active Release Technique Massage
This is a type of massage that involves massage therapists. The therapists use their hands to examine the movement, tightness, and texture of the tissues of the body. After then, they proceed to break up the muscle sticking together with the hands to improve movement of the muscles. Active release technique massage is most suitable for specific injuries. Some of such specific injuries are those with mutilated fleshy tissue which hinder the healing process of the wounds. For the footballer, this type of massage is important in treating plantar fasciitis, shin straps, and cramp injuries.