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The joy of football is when you go home with something either in financial or material form after the event.

Winning a cup and being a winner after a fierce battle boosts the players’ confidence and the supporting team that include the team manager and the technical team. Maintaining the title comes with yet another joy that surpasses anyone understanding apart from the players.

It’s the dream of every footballer to be on the winning side, but, hey, this is a competition where there must be a loser and a winner. It explains why there are extra times and penalty sessions to ensure there is a winner in case of a draw.

That is the only way to show a reward for their effort. The Cup is attached to financial gain that motivates the players and the team at large.  Having a cup at your disposal is a constant reminder of your team play and hard work on the field.

As you wake up in the morning, you are motivated to do your best and make your team proud by winning the Cup. Psychologically, any good deeds or hard work needs positive reinforcement. In football, a cup or a medal or a trophy serves best to categorize the winning level.

 It’s better when accompanied by other rewards that include sports equipment, a team trip, or a financial reward. The popularity of the Cup depends on the marketing campaigns.

We have medals that have existed since time immemorial since they have managed to maintain the level of preparedness and planning for years. Such in Ni Milk cup. It had become a household name in football circles.

History of the Milk Cup

Ni Milk Cup dates back to 1983 where the Irish FA president officially launched the Cup with eight teams for s start. The visitors were almost the same number, but the hard work and determination behind the string team had the zeal to see the whole process working. It was just a matter of time before the Cup became a household name in the football circles.

 The first game in the tournament saw Stephen Connors, the youngest of the players scoring five goals against zero with the host, a clean win against Coleraine. Veteran Peter Doherty graced the second tournament.

Surprisingly the Motherwell could defend the Cup and lost to the rangers by one goal against zero. That was the beginning of the many matches that say young and the old coming through to participate in the match. New things were introduced to accommodate the rising number of the teams every year, which also included renowned clubs like New castle and Liverpool.

Many corporate organizations also wanted to be associated with the tournaments since they were marketing platforms for their products.

The tournament was renowned for young talent who tried all they could to ensure they become the best in the market. If you wanted a young star in the football arena, you could only find it in the Milk Cup teams.

Every year, there was something new for the tournament, which included better pricing and material gain from corporate sports equipment.

Many of the players participating in the World Cup had their origin from the Milk Cup teams. One such example is Charlie Miller, who represented England in the World Cup in 1995.

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We organize sports events and register teams in various categories to compete for the Cup, which also comes with monetary appreciation. We do this through grassroots football teams that we encourage to form and be confident to participate in the game.

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