About Us

We organize sports events and register teams in various categories to compete for the Cup, which also comes with monetary appreciation. We do this through grassroots football teams that we encourage to form and be confident to participate in the game.

We understand the global football craze and would love to engage even the young ones to feel part of the game through sports sponsorships and material donation. We identify talented individuals an link them to football talent academy to nurture the talent to the international level. We also engage the school to identify such extreme talents and expose them to tournaments and national and further international competitions. We have done this for a decade now with tremendous feedback.

We have managed to fully sponsor teams with exchange programs with international clubs to experience the tough football environment, not to intimidate them but to equip them with high-level football skills that they need to become rock stars in the game.

We nurture young talent to reach greater heights. We do this through regional and national tournaments, which we pick the best to represent in international competitions. That is where the award of the Cup is done in a colourful and spectacular event.


To sensitize and disseminate information of football’s physical and emotional benefits and the fun and fulfilment that comes with winning the Cup.


We want to be a one-stop-shop for all matters football and in specific, to ensure the public is aware of the Cup’s existence such that during the reward day, the sports stadium is full of people to witness and cheer their favourite team.

Tournament and League

On-going Tournament

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