Types of Baths For Football Players

Football is a sport and there are challenges and a number of challenges in this sport as there are challenges in every sport. Football matches can bring a huge burden on your musculoskeletal system. Knowing a method to help you recover after exercise is vital to get back to normal exercise times as soon as possible. This way you can continue with your old performance in the next training or match. You may have learned some information about the auxiliary methods. One of these methods is the bath. Aside from enjoying bathtubs with great design, some types of baths don’t just help people especially athletes to relax but also heals muscle sores. Let’s look at the types of bathing needed to heal.

Cold Showers
Cold showers after exercise are known as cryotherapy. These showers are average 10 A-C and last for 15-20 minutes. With cold showers, the heart rate drops and then your blood is redirected to your body and your blood pressure increases. This is one of your body’s natural survival mechanisms to keep your body warm. In this way, cellular, lymphatic and capillary vessels are also vasoconstriction. This increases fluid pressure and reduces fluid diffusion into the tissue. Reduced fluid absorption reduces muscle damage and reduces swelling that may be caused by muscle damage. It also affects cold and neural interactions. The cooling of the tissues reduces the rate of transmission of neurons and regulates pain perception. This reduces pain perception and muscle tension.

Hot Showers
Hot showers taken after exercise are called thermotherapy. These showers are available in 36 A-C and 10-20 minutes. Hot showers are opposite to the cold shower, the heart rate increases and blood vessels expand. As a result, the cellular, lymphatic and capillary vessels expand and the permeability is increased. Increased permeability increases the intake of nutrients to increase nutrient uptake and recovery of cells. Thanks to the hot shower, the muscles become more elastic and reduce joint mobility and pain perception.
If a muscle strain has occurred after exercise or match, a cold shower is recommended instead of a hot shower. Because heat application can cause swelling and pain to increase further.

Contrast Showers
Also known as contrast therapy. Include hot and cold showers. While the cold showers are between 12-15 A-C, the hot showers range from 37-43 A C. Although the protocols vary, there is a time span of 30 seconds to 5 minutes for each bath, and there is an instant transition between the baths. Instant hot and cold changes are a stimulant for body fluids and act as a pump. Thanks to this bath, the veins continuously expand and contract. This causes increased blood flow and removal of cell waste. In this way, recovery is accelerated.

How to Get the Best Results?
In order to get the best benefit from the above-mentioned procedures and to see the possible benefits, the baths should be made after at least 10 minutes after the match or after the exercise or training. Doing over and over again does not bring additional benefits. So once you take a bath, you need to take advantage of the necessary improvement. Any of these baths should be taken as soon as possible after a match or training session. Bathroom accessories can also affect the bath experience that’s why it is very important also to have the best bathroom accessories like the faucet, bathroom sink, bathtub, etc. You can check out http://www.thebestflushingtoilet.com/bathroom-vanities-reviews/ for some bathroom vanities reviews that you might want to consider if you plan to buy soon.